The Ultimate Chess Themed Gift: Handcrafted Wall Mounted Magnetic Chess Set

The Ultimate Chess Themed Gift: Handcrafted Wall Mounted Magnetic Chess Set

Looking for the perfect gift for the chess enthusiast in your life? Whether you have a chess boyfriend, father, brother, sister, or friend we got you covered! Our handcrafted wall-mounted magnetic chess set is not just a game; it's a work of art, a learning tool, and a conversation starter all rolled into one. Let's delve into why this wall mounted chess board is truly the ultimate chess themed gift and explore how it's made.

How It's Made:

Crafted with precision and care in Denver, Colorado, each wall-mounted magnetic chess set is a testament to quality craftsmanship. Our master fabricator, Dave, meticulously handcrafts each frame. From cutting and sanding to nailing and painting, Dave ensures that every frame meets our high standards of excellence. Once the frame is ready, it's passed along to our print master, Bud, who utilizes laser technology to imprint the canvas with the desired designs. The result? A stunning and functional addition to any space. These pieces are most commonly displayed in game rooms, game walls, offices, bedrooms, and office brake areas to be displayed and played throughout the lucky owners day.

Gifting Guide:

With 60% of our boards purchased as gifts, it's clear that they're a hit for any occasion. Whether it's a birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, anniversary, wedding, or simply a gesture of appreciation, our wall-mounted magnetic chess set is sure to impress. But what makes it such a standout gift?

Firstly, it's undeniably beautiful. Hand-framed and made to order, each board adds dimension to wall decor while showcasing the recipient's love for the game. It's not just a game board; it's a piece of art that invites conversation and encourages play.

Secondly, it's a valuable learning tool. For those looking to improve their chess game, this set offers unparalleled opportunities for analysis and training. By allowing players to set up positions and view them from different angles, it facilitates strategic thinking and decision-making—a technique favored by chess legends like Fischer, Kasparov, and Carlsen.

Product Highlights:

Let's take a closer look at what makes our wall-mounted magnetic chess set stand out:

  • Great Gift: Perfect for any occasion, this set is sure to delight chess lovers.
  • Easy Installation: Keyholes make hanging a breeze, while soft bumpers protect walls from scratches.
  • Turn Tracking: The unique "it's your move" magnet keeps track of whose turn it is.
  • Versatile Play: Enjoy games both on and off the wall, adding flexibility to your chess-playing experience.
  • Size: The board measures 18" x 18", with a king standing at 2.5" tall.

Product Details:

  • 32 Laser Cut Magnetic Chess Pieces: Precision-cut for durability and ease of use.
  • Turn Tracking Magnet: Ensures smooth gameplay and eliminates confusion.
  • Embedded Metal Canvas: Provides a secure hold for the magnetic pieces.
  • Easy Installation: Keyholes and soft bumpers make hanging effortless.
  • Size: Each board measures 18" x 18", with a king standing at 2.5" tall.


In conclusion, our wall-mounted magnetic chess set is more than just a gift—it's an experience. From its impeccable craftsmanship to its educational value and versatile gameplay, it's a gift that keeps on giving. So why settle for the ordinary when you can gift the extraordinary? Choose our handcrafted chess set and make a move towards unforgettable moments of fun and learning.

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