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Colorado 14ers

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If you love the outdoors you understand. The accomplishment of hiking a 14er and sitting on top of the world is an unforgettable achievement. Doing it over & over again is worth a gift that beautifully represents your passion. 

We print our achievement art on a special paper that allows our custom magnets to hold to the surface, allowing you to mark each peak hiked. We include 55 magnetic pins with one pin, of a different color, to make your next hike. We have sold 1000's of our achievement art pieces over the past several years because we know that creating something that people are passionate about is a gift that people truly enjoy. 

  • 29x9, 22x7, 25x20
  • Framed in Blue pine (Reforested Beetle Kill)
  • Includes 55 magnetic pins
  • Includes hanging hardware